Multipoint Productions

About Us

Multipoint Productions was originally founded in December 1993. Multipoint has based it’s success on low cost and customer satisfaction. Multipoint Productions is a low-overhead, home based operation. We pass these savings on to our customers.

Multipoint also offers WEB services. Multipoint strives to create a home page which is user friendly, clean and useful. We create an environment which your clients will want to come back and visit again.

Multipoint Specializes In:

  • Web Site Development – Web Site solutions for business, both large and small.
  • Multimedia Development – Animations using Macromedia Flash or 3d Studio Max that are compatible with Web or Video projects.
  • Computer Based Training – Training exercises which are run from a computer system which are both educational and fun to use. CBT applications are not diskette based and may be more complex, designed specifically for an existing computer system. They may also include sound, music, CD Images and VIDEO Clips.
  • Screen Savers – Give your clients something to remember you by. Their computers displaying your image, what a great idea!